How Junk Food Can End Obesity

This article is a long, but very interesting – and needed – perspective, challenging current foodie dogma:

“If the most-influential voices in our food culture today get their way, we will achieve a genuine food revolution. Too bad it would be one tailored to the dubious health fantasies of a small, elite minority.

Through its growing sway over health-conscious consumers and policy makers, the wholesome-food movement is impeding the progress of the one segment of the food world that is actually positioned to take effective, near-term steps to reverse the obesity trend: the processed-food industry.

These roundly demonized companies could do far more for the public’s health in five years than the wholesome-food movement is likely to accomplish in the next 50. But will the wholesome-food advocates let them?”


Two thousand? Keystone backers wonder where Obama got his low job-creation numbers

President Obama has been selecting statistical sources which suit his purposes, in direct opposition to his own administration’s draft report on the Keystone XL project.

“The analysis released earlier this year by the U.S. State Department found that the pipeline would support 42,100 jobs during the one- to two-year construction period, with total wages of about US$2-billion, although only 35 permanent and temporary jobs will remain once Keystone XL is fully operational.

Rather than relying on the State Department findings, Obama appears to be basing his estimate on an anti-pipeline study by the Cornell University Global Labor Institute.”


Egypt’s Christians target of Islamist anger in wake of Morsi’s ouster

Pray for Christians in Egypt, who face increased danger since the removal of President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood from office.

“Egypt’s Muslim extremists, angry over the ouster of Mohammed Morsi from the presidency, have zeroed in on the nation’s Christian minority, scapegoating them even though the Islamist leader was widely unpopular. Attacks on Copts and their churches have escalated amid rumors that Christian leaders masterminded Morsi’s removal.”

Fracking, Clean and Green

This year, at a local Fourth of July parade, I heard a man who was standing next to me warning his companion about how dangerous and polluting fracking was. I was too timid to interject myself into the conversation and challenge his opinion, but I sure wish I could send him (and his companion) this article! Here’s a brief excerpt:

Consider the sworn testimony of former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson. Hardly a right-wing shill for Big Oil, Jackson told the House Government Reform Committee in May 2011: “I’m not aware of any proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.” As Jackson said in April 2012, “In no case have we made a definitive determination that the fracking process has caused chemicals to enter groundwater.”

Catholic Priest Allegedly Beheaded in Syria by Al-Qaeda-Linked Rebels as Men and Children Take Pictures and Cheer

Is the United States aiding Al-Qaeda linked extremists in Syria by supporting the rebels?

Catholic Online is raising alarm that western nations are providing support to the rebels who have shown a proclivity toward persecuting Christians.

Franciscan Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa told the Vatican News Agency, “The world must know that the support of gunmen by the west is helping extremists in killing Syrians. And those paying the price are the poor, the young and the Christians.”

Bush Won’t Criticize Obama: ‘Former President Doesn’t Need to Make It Harder’

Very classy.

When pressed to criticize his successor, he said, “It doesn’t do any good. It’s a hard job. He has plenty on his agenda and it’s difficult. Former president doesn’t need to make it harder.”


The danger of what Edward Snowden has not revealed

What top-secret information has Edward Snowden inadvertently (?) leaked to hostile nations? Whether or not he intended to, he has almost certainly acted as a traitor to the United States.

“Snowden publicly confirmed that he possessed top-secret intelligence on America’s espionage against China. Think that China failed to access every single one of the files on Snowden’s computers during his month-long stay in Hong Kong before letting him escape to Russia? Not a chance.

Now, it’s Russia’s turn. The FSB (the agency formerly known as the KGB) isn’t going to let Snowden leave Russia before it learns everything he knows about U.S. espionage efforts against Russia — and gets any other NSA documents in his possession.

That’s not all. Snowden has reportedly given copies of the full archives of all the classified information in his possession to news organizations as a precautionary measure in case anything happens to him. One can only imagine what foreign intelligence services are doing to the computers of those who claim to have received classified documents from Snowden.”

Germans Loved Obama. Now We Don’t Trust Him.

Feels like a strange, upside-down world of role reversal when Germany protests the surveillance super-state that America has apparently become.

“[Obama’a] speech caused many Germans to question whether Americans actually share our understanding of the right balance between liberty and security.

We have not forgotten what happens when secret police or intelligence agencies disregard privacy.”

3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower

Below are excerpts from a MUST-read interview:

“We tried to stay for the better part of seven years inside the government trying to get the government to recognize the unconstitutional, illegal activity that they were doing and openly admit that and devise certain ways that would be constitutionally and legally acceptable to achieve the ends they were really after. And that just failed totally. And all of the efforts we made just produced no change whatsoever. All it did was continue to get worse and expand.

I don’t want anyone to think that he (Snowden) had an alternative. No one should (think that). There is no path for intelligence-community whistle-blowers who know wrong is being done. There is none.

We are seeing the initial outlines and contours of a very systemic, very broad, a Leviathan surveillance state and much of it is in violation of the fundamental basis for our own country — in fact, the very reason we even had our own American Revolution.

(Snowden’s) revelations only hint at the programs’ reach.

The Fourth Amendment for all intents and purposes was revoked after 9/11.”

Lights out: House plan would protect nation’s electricity from solar flare, nuclear bomb

Let’s hope that this bill gets further than previous ones. Here‘s what has happened in the past.

“Electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, has come into focus because of fears the sun is pushing out unusually big solar flares that can disrupt the electric grid. Defense officials are also worried about a terrorist attack, possibly in the form of a small nuclear bomb exploded overhead.

“It is critical that we protect our major transformers from cascading destruction. The Shield Act encourages industry to develop standards necessary to protect our electric infrastructure against both natural and man-made EMP events,” said Rep. Trent Franks, the Arizona Republican who is offering up the bipartisan bill.”