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Fracking, Clean and Green

This year, at a local Fourth of July parade, I heard a man who was standing next to me warning his companion about how dangerous and polluting fracking was. I was too timid to interject myself into the conversation and challenge his opinion, but I sure wish I could send him (and his companion) this article! Here’s a brief excerpt:

Consider the sworn testimony of former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson. Hardly a right-wing shill for Big Oil, Jackson told the House Government Reform Committee in May 2011: “I’m not aware of any proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.” As Jackson said in April 2012, “In no case have we made a definitive determination that the fracking process has caused chemicals to enter groundwater.”


Obama’s Radical Climate Agenda

This is discouraging.

“The president announced that, on behalf of ‘all of humankind,’ he is in effect directing the EPA to take over the American economy.”

Junk Science Week: Ehrlich bombs again

Why do people keep listening to this prophet of doom when so much of what he has predicted has turned out to be utter rubbish?

“In the more than four decades since The Population Bomb was published, the number of people inhabiting the Earth has more than doubled, but the death and poverty rates have dropped, and life expectancy has increased.”