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The danger of what Edward Snowden has not revealed

What top-secret information has Edward Snowden inadvertently (?) leaked to hostile nations? Whether or not he intended to, he has almost certainly acted as a traitor to the United States.

“Snowden publicly confirmed that he possessed top-secret intelligence on America’s espionage against China. Think that China failed to access every single one of the files on Snowden’s computers during his month-long stay in Hong Kong before letting him escape to Russia? Not a chance.

Now, it’s Russia’s turn. The FSB (the agency formerly known as the KGB) isn’t going to let Snowden leave Russia before it learns everything he knows about U.S. espionage efforts against Russia — and gets any other NSA documents in his possession.

That’s not all. Snowden has reportedly given copies of the full archives of all the classified information in his possession to news organizations as a precautionary measure in case anything happens to him. One can only imagine what foreign intelligence services are doing to the computers of those who claim to have received classified documents from Snowden.”